LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM / life / peace / music /
14-16.06 2018


The next artists join TLFO's lineup!

Europe, L.U.C. together with Rebel Babel orchestra and special guests – all of them will play at the MOSiR stadium on June 16!

The next artists join TLFO's lineup!

Two years after the last concert, Europe returns to Poland with its greatest hits and brand new songs. Thousands of people in front of the stage will have the opportunity to sing unforgettable hit "The Final Countdown”, but the Swedish band will also present fresh compositions from "Walk the Earth" album released in October.

On the same day, huge amounts of positive energy will be certainly triggered by performance by Rebel Babel, L.U.C. and his guests: Marek Piekarczyk, Vienio, Bisz and Sarsa. In the ranks of the open, unlimited orchestra will play musicians from the Bigband Dachau.

Don’t forget, that also on Saturday, the leading Polish underground rockers will appear on stage during the Punk Alive project.

You just can't miss that!

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