TLFO 2017 – a celebration of peace, music, art and sport

The spectacular performance of Scorpions, combined with the Peacemaker award, ended the 8th edition of Tauron Life Festival Oświęcim. The three-day event will remain in the memory of fans for a long time because of the wonderful emotions conveyed by music, theater, running event and other elements of the Festival about the message of peace.

TLFO 2017 – a celebration of peace, music, art and sport

There was no better way to finish the Festival, which emphasized the idea of peace and crossing the boundaries between people since its beginning in 2010. When on Saturday evening, the director of the TLFO Darek Maciborek came out on stage to give the Scorpions the Peacemaker award, the crowd was already thrilled by an-hour-and-a-half-long concert by German rock legends.

We dedicate this award for artists who are conveying messages of peace through their works. Tonight I present it for the first time, to Scorpions for their song “Wind of Change”, which 25 years after its release is still giving people from around the world a hope for a better World, said Darek Maciborek, awarding the Peacemaker to Scorpions’ Klaus Meine.

The singer was clearly moved while receiving the statuette: Music is a light shining through dark clouds. Today, you all came here and joined us in the name of love and peace – a statement of life! The world should never forget what have happened here many years ago. We must pass this testimony to the next generations, because we want a peace in this world.

Shortly thereafter, the first sounds of their hit song “Wind of Change” filled the arena, and the stadium in Oświęcim was transformed into a gigantic white and red flag made of cartons raised by the public. The spectacular and energetic Scorpions’ concert ended with “Still Loving You” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” – the last chapters of the Tauron Life Festival Oświęcim 2017.

LP gave another concert, which also provided a lot of great emotions for the Festival’s audience. American singer has many devoted fans in Poland, who gave them a number of original gifts during meet & greet, hand-made plush ukulele being one of them.

My favorite method of performing is to commune with audience. I didn’t grow up looking in the mirror and thinking: people should look at me. The Idea was not to be looked at, but to be heard and to connect. – LP said during a press conference. Their words were reflected during the live performance of “Lost on You,” which was sung but thousands of people.

A number of Polish artists provided a great atmosphere during that day as well, performing on two Festival stages. Kasia Kowalska showed her rock claws, playing her biggest hits such as “Antidotum” (Antidote), “Pieprz i sół” (Pepper and Salt) and “Maskarada” (Masquerade). Julia Pietrucha proved that an unpretentious and intimate repertoire, combined with a scenic charisma can take over a stadium’s crowd. Leski and Bisquit received a great applause after their performance. Sekcja Muzyczna Kołłątajowskiej Kuźni Prawdziwych Mężczyzn (Music Section of the Kołłątaj’s Real Men’s Forge), winners of the Life On Stage competition, were not afraid of a huge stage, performing a stunning concert with a mix of rock and comedy.

There were also two other important events on Saturday’s TLFO 2017 – Street Run with a participation of its ambassador Robert Korzeniowski, and the unveiling of the mural by Dachau artist Heiko Klohn who personally autographed his work.

Friday’s concerts at MOSiR’s Stadium were also filled with emotions. Kandinsky, a rock band from Dachau started the day, who were followed by an Estonian electro-pop band I Wear* Experiment. Alternative rock fans cheered Lao Che’s performance, and Polish-French group BeMy introduced an atmosphere of great fun.

However, that day’s was mostly about music of Jamaican roots. Maleo Reggae Rockers, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary, proved that they are doing excellent job combining rhythmic reggae with rocky feel; good vibrations of Mesajah’s songs like “Każdego dnia” (Everyday), “Szukając Szczęścia” (Searching for Happiness) were also a great addition to this day’s general climate.

But it was clear just after a few minutes of Shaggy’s concert that he will win hearts and minds of an audience gathered in Oświęcim. His fans jumped, waved, hugged each other led by a charismatic artist who provided a set of his biggest hits like “Boombastic,” “Feel the Rush,” or “Angel.”

There were numerous additional activities accompanying the main events of the TLFO 2017, like the educational actions conducted in the NGO’s tent by Festival’s partners: Legalna Kultura (Legal Culture), Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Organization), Amnesty International, and UNICEF among others. What is more, a conference titled “Cultural Heritage of the Baltic States” has taken place with a participation of experts in the field of literature, music and design.

Thursday evening’s play “Edukacja Rity” (Rita’s Education) also ended with an ovation. Piotr Fronczewski and Katarzyna Ucherska played the main roles in this well-receive theatrical production. Moreover, just before the play, awards in the competition for the Festival’s poster entitled “Granica łączy” (Boarders Connect) were presented.

Large crowds were also gathered to see the screenings of “Selma” and “Sugar Man”, as well as Peter J. Birch’s intimate concert on a cinema’s stage – a new element of Festival’s program, which will surely stay with us during its next editions.

The 8th edition of Tauron Life Festival will remain in the memories of lovers of good music and other forms of art. It will also not be forgotten by Scorpions’ members who – apart from the Peacemaker Award – were honored by their own star in the Cracow’s Avenue of Stars. The ceremony was held on Friday and ended with the band’s intimate concert including their hit “Wind of Change” sung together with the audience gathered on the Vistula Boulevards.