Peacemaker – an award by Tauron Life Festival Oświęcim to honour ambassadors of a peaceful idea


From the very beginning Life Festival Oświęcim has been connecting people of different origins, religions and beliefs through music and other forms of art, coming from a place marked with a stigma of tragic history of the 20th century. The idea was appreciated by Peter Gabriel who, on the occasion of playing at the LFO 2012, stated:

„You are the guardians of the dark mirror, guardians of memory about who we are and who we can be, both in the positive and the negative sense”.

The peaceful and anti-war message of LFO in 2017 materializes in a form of Peacemaker – an award given to artists and personalities for their exceptional contribution to sharing the idea of peace. The very first statuette is given to Scorpions for a song „Wind of Change” – an informal anthem of the fall of communism in Europe that 25 years after releasing is still giving people from all continents hope for a better world.

The author of Peacemaker statuette is Remigiusz Dulko.