It has never happened in the history of LFO before! Alternative music concert Street Life will not only take place at the stadium for the first time, but will also have a widely recognized headliner. Manu Chao is an icon of anarchists and alterglobalists, rebellious artist, keeping distance from show business rules. He personally chooses places he wants to play live - this year with his project Manu Chao La Ventura he will perform in Poland only once, at the Life Festival Oswiecim!


At the same concert, there will also be Bednarek and Afromental groups. Other Street Life artists will be announced soon.

Manu Chao is one of the most socially engaged artists in the world. Alterglobalist, defender of the poor people in the Third World. As declared pacifist he perfectly fits LFO idea. His music, the same as Life Festival Oswiecim, breaks cultural and linguistic boundaries. Musician born in Paris sings in English, Spanish, French, Italian being able to combine all of these languages in one song! He mixes not only different languages, but also styles - in his songs we can find sounds typical for genres such as rock, reggae, ska and folk. On stage he is a real volcano of energy. We believe that in Oświęcim this volcano will explode with double power!

Kamil Bednarek

A group of Polish performers will also play at Street Life concert. Bednarek and Afromental are among them. The first one introduced reggae music to mainstream in Poland. His songs are played by major radio and television stations. At the beginning of career he created the band Star Guard Muffin and then named his next band by his own name. The band Bednarek in 2012 released the album "Jestem". "So far, what I am most happy about is that people come for concerts to listen to me and to receive a positive energy" – he said two years ago in an interview with PAP. Solid dose of positive energy we will receive at LFO.

Afromental is one of the most expressive Polish bands in recent years. A septet founded by Wojciech Łozowski and Thomas Lach is active for more than a decade. Their last album "Mental House" from 2014 is a combination of joyful, rhythmic and energetic music with heavy sounds.

Tickets for Thursday concert Street Life (available in the "Buy ticket" section) cost only 55 zł (67 zł in Red Zone).