LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM / life / peace / music /
14-16.06 2018


Alvaro Soler, Blue Cafe and Vera Jonas Experiment at TLFO!

Spanish singer beloved by polish audience, our native pop star with a bit of soul in sound and a hungarian group which conquer the European alternative scene - they will perform on Friday, June 15th they. It's going to be a really energizing show, especially that the same day Carlos Santana appears on stage!

Alvaro Soler, Blue Cafe and Vera Jonas Experiment at TLFO!

Alvaro Soler won Poles hearts with his debut single “El Mismo Sol” in 2014. “Eterno Agosto”, an album released a year later, got a triple platinum in Poland. Songs from the album occupied the top of charts for weeks.

Blue Cafe doesn’t need an introduction - an undisputed star of Polish music scene thrilling next generations with their music. These days band works on new album - we can expect some fresh sounds at TLFO 2018!

Less known, but not less talented Vera Jonas Experiment is a band founded by a young Hungarian singer, guitarist and songwriter. They have already performed in Romania, Austria, Germany or Netherlands, and one of their albums was even released in Japan. It is high time for Polish audience to meet them!

More information about the musicians performing at TLFO 2018 you can find in an Artists section.

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