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14-16.06 2018

Events on Life Festival Oswiecim

"Last of the Red Hot Lovers" by Neil Simon at TLFO 2018!

Piotr Gąsowski, Hanna Śleszyńska, Anna Dereszowska and Anna Modrzejewska will perform in the play "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" by the most popular comedy writer in the world, Neil Simon! The play will be perform on June 14 at the Oświęcim Cultural Center.

If the case concerns three accidental (beautiful) women, one man and there is a wife in the background, you can expect an explosive mixture, big emotions, funny situations, but also bitter moments.

Colorful play in the excellent cast, full of brilliant dialogues and jokes, depicts the image of modern middle-class people.

Playing the lead role, Piotr Gąsowski is trying to find answers to bothering questions and looking for a way to break the daily routine. Will he find it in one of the romances? Rendezvous' with confident Helen, talkative Bobby and depressed Jenny will bring ... a surprising final!

Neil Simon, "the king of comedy", a contemporary American playwright, perfectly illustrated the psychological portrait of the characters. That means it will be perceptively and funny. How director Cezary Morawski pictures it, you will see at 19.30 on June 14, on the stage of the Oświęcim Cultural Center.

Over 2 hours of brilliant art are waiting for you. Tickets are available from Monday, 26 March, at the OCC box office and on

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