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14-16.06 2018

Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim

The Stranglers

The Stranglers is a classic of British rock, and at the same time it is a band that can not be assigned to one genre. Members of the band are Jet Black (drums), Jean-Jacques Burnel (vocals and bass), Dave Greenfiled (keyboards) and Baz Warne (vocals and guitar). They have recorded seventeen albums so far, winning the hearts of fans with songs such as "Golden Brown", "Always The Sun", "Skin Deep" and "Midnight Summer Dream".

The Stranglers

The band was formed on September 11, 1974 in Guildford. At the beginning, they performed under the name The Guildford Stranglers in small pubs in family sides. The first important event in the group's career was supporting The Ramones and Patti Smith during their tour in 1976. Although The Stranglers were classified as the punk band, there were elements in their music that did not have much in common with the genre, for example the synthesizer, hated by most of punks. The trademark of the group was a swirling, heady concoction of psychedelic keyboards, growling vocals, characteristic bass and an almost jazz-like drum sound.

In 80s, the band entered mainstream releasing albums such as "La Folie" (1981), "Feline" (1983) and "Dreamtime" (1986). The experiments and pop character of the new songs did not drown out the punk spirit, and the texts spiced with an absurd sense of humor, added some kind of charm to The Stranglers music. Despite the flow of time and the departure of one of the founders of the group, Hugh Cornwell, in 1990, the band remains active and does not intend to leave the stage soon. They are now revered as one of the most exciting, credible and influential bands to have emerged from the British new wave scene.

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