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14-16.06 2018

Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim

Punk Alive

Punk Alive

Kazik Staszewski - Polish musician, vocalist, saxophonist, songwriter and arranger. Associated with Kult, KNŻ, El Dupa and Zuch Kazik, he also performs solo. In 1991 he released his first solo album, “Spalam się” containing the controversial song "Jeszcze Polska...". Discussions also provoked a song from the next album "Spalaj się" where he sings: "Wałęsa, give me back my 100 millions." The greatest solo success was the album "12 groszy" and the song with the same title from 1997. Kazik is the winner of many awards, which he rarely received (including Paszport Polityki or Fryderyki).

Tomasz Budzyński - vocalist, but also poet and painter. Despite his successful solo career (he released 3 albums), he is best known as the vocalist of Siekiera, Armia, 2Tm2,3 and Budzy i Trupia Czaszka. He also appeared on albums of Izrael, Acid Drinkers and Strachy na Lachy.

Eugeniusz “Siczka” Olejarczyk - guitarist and vocalist, writes texts and composes. He is the leader of KSU, one of the first punk rock bands in Poland. First official album was released in 1988. The most known songs of the KSU include "1944 w okopie" or "Za mgłą”.

Darek Malejonek - composer, vocalist, guitarist. Member of the punk rock group Moskwa, also associated with the groups Kultura, Izrael, Armia, 2Tm2,3 or Houk. Founder and leader of Maleo Reggae Rockers. His adventure with music began in 1983, when he became the vocalist of the Kultura band. He was the most active with the band Izrael, in which he still works today (with a break between 1995 and 2006). They recorded 6 albums together.

Dariusz “Kefir” Śmietanka - vocalist and guitarist of the punk rock band The Bill. Group was founded in 1986, but the first album - "The Biut" - was released in 1993. The last album is "8siem" from 2013.

Ania Rusowicz - the only Polish singer performing big-bit nowadays. In 2011, she delighted the audience in Opole during a recital dedicated to the memory of her mother, Ada Rusowicz. In the same year, her debut album "Mój Big-Bit" was released, which included original compositions and songs from the repertoire of Ada Rusowicz. The album went gold. During the Fryderyk Gala 2012, she received four awards - for the Vocalist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, Musical Production of the Year (together with Kuba Galiński) and Debut of the Year. Later, she released two more albums: "Genesis" and "RetroNarodzenie". At Punk Alive she will perform as a special guest.

Jerzy "Jeż" Zajkowski - co-founder and bassist of the Włochaty band, associated with the group from the beginning of its existence. In the band debuted Katarzyna Nosowska, an outstanding singer and songwriter (Hey).

Maciej “Raga” Jarlem - vocalist of the Włochaty band since 2013

Mirosław “Smalec” Malec - vocalist and bass guitarist, founder of punk rock bands Zielone Żabki, Ga-Ga and Radical News.

Prawda - the band formed in 1994, consists of Sławomir "Melon" Świdurski, Piotr "Załęs" Załęski, Marcin "Larsu" Skruch, Michał "Majkel" Duda and Jakub "Okland" Ukleja. The band released 7 albums. The last one, "Chaos in Poland", was released in 2017.

Sławomir “Melon” Świdurski - vocalist and bassist of the band Prawda, which he founded in 1994. In 1998, he founded also the Lou & Rocked Boys record label to release albums of Prawda. Currently, the company mainly releases albums of young, niche bands, but they also works with Bednarek or Enej.

100nka - group performing jazz and improvised music. Its members are Przemysław Borowiecki, Adam Stodolski and Tomasz Leś. Since beeing founded in 2004, the band has recorded four albums, and had many performances in Poland and abroad. They often collaborates with Polish and American jazz musicians, including Tomasz Stańko. Przemek Borowiecki collaborated with dozens of Polish musicians (he is a drummer of the Kaliber 44 group since 2012). He was also responsible for the music arrange of the nowOsiecka project with participation of numbers of Polish artists (including Brodka, Zalewski, Natalia Przybysz, L.U.C, Mela Koteluk, and Czesław Śpiewa).

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