LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM / life / peace / music /
14-16.06 2018

Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim


L.U.C, or Łukasz Rostkowski, is a unique artist and performer. He specializes in crossing borders - his musical work draws from jazz, trip-hop, hip-hop, electronics, classics and film music. He records conceptual albums and engages in many projects, which brings him many awards, including Paszport Polityki, Yach award, as well as nominations for Fryderyk or Superjedynka.


In 2015, together with Jan Feat, he founded Rebel Babel - an international, unlimited folk-hip hop big band. It connects musicians, rappers and composers from various regions of Europe in order to create dialogue, cross cultural and linguistic barriers and bring music to the areas excluded from participation in culture. The idea of the project is to present the sound and language individuality of Europe through international meetings, as well as connect the world of professionals and amateurs in the form of concerts, happenings and flash mobs. The project involves famous names of the Polish music scene, such as Mela Koteluk, Grubson, Mesajah, Joka and Kayah. Rebel Babel has in a portfolio achievements as amazing as the symphony of brass orchestra and thousands of stadium trumpets, concerts with the escalator of the Barcelona metro as a conductor and musical bike parades.

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