LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM / life / peace / music /
14-16.06 2018

Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is an outstanding music personality. One of the best guitarist of all time according to the Rolling Stone Magazine and a ten-times winner of Grammy award, who also has a place in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In his oeuvre we can find 7 solo albums, 24 albums recorded with the Santana band, dozens compilations, live albums and collaborations. Next generations sing his greatest hits: “Maria, Maria”, “Europa”, “Smooth” or “Samba Pa Ti”. Although he is a rock and jazz musician, he does not avoid cooperating with artists of various genres. Many stars had been working with Carlos Santana, including Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson or Miles Davies.

Carlos Santana

Santana comes from a Mexican family passionate about music and so he realizes the passion since early childhood. However, the first step which make the world career possible was a move to United States. “Carlos Santana Blues Band” gained popularity in San Francisco and nearby thanks to original, latino sounds, but a real breakthrough was a performance at legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969. After that, Carlos Santana became a rock star. Thereupon a first album had been released and the name of the band shorted to just “Santana”. A year later, in 1970, appeared a long play “Abraxas” with such fantastic songs as “Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va”. After the great 70's and 80's, the popularity dropped, but it did not last long. Santana came back on top in a big way, when “Supernatural”, released in 1999, dominate the Grammys and win 9 awards, including the best album award. Since then, Santana does not slowing down - he performs, records and stays the living rock legend.

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